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Fire Safe Combustible Wall Assemblies

AIA CES: 1 LU|HSW | Provider Number: 10009360 | Course Number: 0001

This presentation will demonstrate how U.S. codes and standards regulate the use of combustible building products in commercial buildings for safe and effective use. Examples of approved assemblies in a variety of exterior walls for different construction configurations will be provided. There will also be a focus on how fire safety can be maintained throughout the design process and construction phases using code compliance options like engineering judgments for certain deviations from tested wall assemblies. Adequate time will be allowed for an interactive discussion of current industry resources and topics of interest to the audience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the building code fire safety requirements for cladding
  • Clarify fire safety compliance options approved for IBC 2024
  • Review global building cladding fire incidents
  • Describe fire testing and its significance to fire safety of buildings
  • Discuss elements of engineering analyses as a compliance method

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