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Fire Safety & the Building Lifecycle

Fire safety standards and compliance with building and fire codes are critical during all stages of a building’s life cycle.

NAMBA’s Approach To Whole Building Fire Safety

We believe that an informed public and robust codes and standards are essential to supporting a multi-layered approach to building fire safety.

Our mission supports the safe and effective use of plastics building materials as reflected in the International Fire Safety Standards (IFSSC) Coalition’s Common Principles:

  • Prevention. Safeguarding against the outbreak of fire and/or limiting its effects.  ­
  • Detection and Communication. Investigating and discovering of fire followed by informing occupants and the fire service.
  • Occupant Protection. Facilitating occupant avoidance of and escape from the effects of fire.
  • Containment or Compartmentation. Limiting of fire and all of its consequences to as small an area as possible.
  • Extinguishment. Suppressing of fire and protecting of the surrounding environment.

These common principles are applicable throughout a building’s lifecycle. For example, the principle of prevention is as important during construction as it is during building occupancy and use.

NAMBA believes it is important to reflect these common principles in fire safety discussions to help create and maintain a strong culture of fire safety awareness in the built environment.

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