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NFPA 285 Testing and Design Information: Data Analysis and ExtensionCategory: building codes

NFPA 285 Testing and Design Information: Data Analysis and Extension

This is the final installment of a four-part series of articles on the topic of testing and design for exterior wall assemblies that the building codes require to comply with NFPA 285 . These articles are intended to promote effective communication between stakeholders regarding this important fire safety topic for the design and construction of […]

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Fire Performance and Energy Efficiency in Modern Buildings

Foam Plastic Insulation: Modern Energy Efficiency Foam plastic insulation products are modern materials for residential and commercial buildings that be made of a variety of plastics, including polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and polyurethane. They help architects, contractors and other construction professionals meet the stringent energy code standards of today and tomorrow for both new construction and renovation […]

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New NYC Building Code Requirements Are Changing Exterior Walls

On November 7, new exterior wall and exterior wall covering requirements will be in effect. Why It Matters: The new requirements change how walls are designed, installed, tested, and inspected. Confusion Regarding Documentation and Deviations The 2022 NYCBC requires the applicant’s construction documents to provide design documentation of NFPA 285 tested assemblies from “the manufacturer”. […]

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